About Us

Our Vision

Good packaging protects your product and Bison Packaging is determined to protect your brand. In recent years, people have become more concerned about quality assurance before buying anything. We are committed to providing cost-effective products with ensured quality of every minor detail. We have the vision to become number one in the packaging industry, as our services are getting the trust of our worthy clients. In the future, we are planning to add some more tremendous designed boxes crafted with traditional styles. Besides that, many amazing boxes will be an add-on in a few days, so that you can surprise your loved ones. We are also planning to give special discount offers on our special items. You will able to buy a deal by selecting different styles and shapes of gift packing boxes from our own designed collection.


We offer packaging services that craft your brand into major turnarounds. We have a huge collection and variety of boxes in different sizes and shapes. You can choose from our collection or you can order a custom print box of your requirements. You just need to pick up a box from our given variety or let us know about your dream custom box. Our clients are worldwide, that order custom packaging for their business and personal hold. We also offer wholesale premium box printing to our valuable clients. Our prices are lower as compared to current market prices, but our quality is much higher. Custom Boxes are created on custom orders used all over the world to achieve different purposes, like storage, shipping, displaying decorative, electronic, and retail items, the most common of them is to have them “Fit for the product”, showing an eye-catching brand image. Bison Packaging, packaging boxes not only provide our own attractive and suitably designed custom packaging with immense state of the art processing, printing, and styling with high-quality material selection along with different colors and sizes but also manufacture custom packaging boxes according to the customer’s requirement of size, shape, style, and design perfectly.

Our Goal

Quality deliverance is our motto. We want to be your best packaging partner to provide you the best customized packaging solutions. We aim to turn your custom dream box into reality. Our clients are worldwide with faith and trust in our custom boxes because we assure the safety of products. Bison Packaging, promises quality for custom packaging with every customized packaging detail from design to size and dimension. Our wholesale offer is available on a variety of boxes, whether you want customized trademark and design for storage, shipping, and retailing purposes in sizes from small to larger ones.

— Design Quality

We endow many qualities and types of packaging. We highly rely on the quality of the product, in every nit git.

— Professional Support

We are super friendly; our representatives are here to deal with your queries 24/7. Feel free to discuss every minor detail before placing an order.

— Custom Size & Design

We provide our own attractive and suitably designed CBD boxes with a free design philosophy and also manufacture boxes according to the customer’s requirements.

— Green Sustainable Packaging

Our CBD boxes are made of 100% recyclable material. Our boxes are made from various eco-friendly materials and contain recyclable cardboard sheets.

— Affordable Price

You will get the best quality boxes at affordable prices. Our prices are lower as compared to current market prices, and we value quality over quantity.