Covid- 19 Terms and Updates

Covid- 19 Terms and Updates

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation all over the world Bison Packaging is also following WHO rules and regulations and has maintained a guideline for the valued customers so that the safety of customers does not compromise with timely delivery commitments. Please go through the FAQs given below to understand the terms and updates.

What will be the delivery time of packages during the Covid situation, will there be any delay in it?

In this crucial time of Covid-19, we will try our best to deliver the orders on time, but please expect any delay in the delivery time on those orders sent through 3rd party vendors.

Will there be any effect on Product or Delivery charges due to Covid-19?.

At Bison Packaging, we take care of our customers, be it price-wise or health and safety-wise. We assure you that our prices will remain the same as before the pandemic but please expect a little increase in delivery charges.

How good it is to order a product in Covid-19 affected area?

The principal transformable item of Coronavirus is a plastic bag. So a real worldwide record made through WHO says that the items manufactured from cardboard cloth have low probabilities to unfold COVID-19. So, you may area an order without the intense worry of spreading coronavirus.

What are the conditions to cancel an order due to the Pandemic situation?

For cancelation of an order, we are following our standard terms and conditions as before pandemic situation, this means you may cancel your order but you will have to follow the given time frame and other conditions.

What measures are being taken at Bison Packaging to deal with Corona Virus?

We are following the guidelines provided by the WHO and UHC to keep our products clean, disinfected, and safe. Our agents stay disinfected and strictly abide by the SOPs of COVID. Moreover, the cardboard we use is also disinfected properly.

How our valued customers can place an urgent order, during the Covid-19 situation?

We would like to assure our customers, that they can order us, be it standard or urgent. So, there is no need to worry about placing an urgent order.

What should one do if a package does not receive due to the third party’s negligence in responsibility as it is working as a supplier between Bison Packaging and me?

You need to contact the customer care center, we will let you know where your package is? Or it may be easy for us to send you the contact details of the third party person who is going to deliver your package.